Things No One Tells You…Ad Sales Survival

By way of explanation, ‘Things No One Tells You’ refers to: The unspoken stuff you either have to figure out on your own [sometimes the hard way], or maybe should have been told sometime during your career to begin with!

These may initially appear to you as rants, or even complaints, about being out there in the work world. They are really more than that; they are meant to inform, possibly educate a bit…and make you aware, so you can minimize the effects of these things on your own working life. These items “are what they are.”

>To see these posts, click on the ‘Things No One Tells You’ Category link below, or Click > here.

Consider this my Need to Know List that all of us can use to survive in our Professional lives & careers!

Alltop. I don't know how I got there either.


One Response to “Things No One Tells You…Ad Sales Survival”

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