‘Keep It Real’ Sales Interviews & Series

With a concentrated, stripped-down ethos currently in favor here at MoM[S] on the Sales process, these following Blog posts, links & articles below are from others in the Sales universe who are in our view, very much about ‘Keeping It Real’ in their approach. We are also featuring prior to that those MoM[S] blog posts that comprise our Keep It RealSales Interview Series.

MoM[S] ‘Keep It Real’ Sales Interview Series & Blog Posts
Under the title, Keep It Real, Sell It Real, this concept was launched on the MoM[S] blogsite.

From April 2010, is the MoM[S] post entitled, They [Your Client] Just Aren’t That Into You.

Keep It Real Sales Interview Series: Inaugural Guest, Amy L Phoenix – March 2010 See the Interview > here.

GREAT BLOG POSTS & Published Articles From Others
From Tim J M Rohrer, on his Sales Loudmouth Blog is this exceptional article, entitled, Familiarity Breeds Complacency. [Note: I am pleased to note that Tim Rohrer graciously agreed to allow MoM[S] to post his great work here, and that he is in fact, also our Inaugural sales writer & thought leader to launch our Keep It Real series. Many thanks, Tim!]


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