Programmatic vs. The Drum Machine

For us here at MindOnMedia[Sales], our days with a Right-Brain orientation towards Music & Art began long before a career tied to the other side, looking also at spreadsheets, CPM’s, and Org charts.

In fact, it probably took longer than it should have, to realize our hopes for a world tour behind a drum set with a name act were never going to happen.

But those together lead us today, and an ability to look at what may be one future for sales talent in our little corner of the universe, Media Sales.

Why would I draw those together, and how? In the 1980’s, the drum machine raged onto the music scene, with ‘Electronic’ and ‘Synth’ bands right behind them. Everybody was all of a sudden using one, and all the living musicians in the world read about and feared the predicted downfall of the living, breathing drummer [with their instrument being next.]

But…a funny thing happened along the way: drum machines were boring as hell in concert. Have you ever seen a “tape loop” band, where all the music is recorded, with just the singer and maybe a guitarist on stage? Totally a suck experience.

It’s now 2016, and when I saw Alicia Keys last year, it was a totally pro show. Great in every way. And yes, the drum machine was there, basically laying down an overall track in the background, needed to help coordinate some of the other lighting & visual elements. But there was a full band on stage…including the drummer. Many other great acts do the same now, and it works.

And still being 2016, there is much the same prognostication now about Sales talent out there, especially with the onset of Programmatic buying & selling. Are people on the sales side now doomed with the “automation” under way for the transaction process? For some, and in some areas, the answer will be yes.

But like that drum machine on stage, I see a near-term future where there will be some automated ‘support’ for those on the Sales side, while not taking over the entire function. It will be a very boring show if the “drummer” [i.e. our salesperson] is not right there in the mix, keeping it all together, making it interesting, and moving the process forward.

What do you see?


~ by MindOnMediaSales on August 13, 2016.

One Response to “Programmatic vs. The Drum Machine”

  1. Great analogy. The mundane, uncreative functions probably had be better left to the automated sales anyway.

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