‘Cleared’ for Closing…

In honor of 8 years writing this blog, we are short & succinct today, so we may celebrate! And so we look to take a page from the great Seth Godin, in our brevity and hopefully our clarity as well.

With that, our Sales focus lately has been on simplicity, focus & essential elements to getting deals done, and making clients happy. While I label myself in some part a self-styled Deconstructionist over on LinkedIN, what it really comes down to: understanding what it takes to get deals done. Not what you think needs to be done…but what actually needs to be done.

A key part of that? Knowing where you need to place Sales effort, and when.

Much as we’ve written on the power of “No” in your approach, sometimes your best path is clearance. Clearance of all obstacles, including yourself. Including…yourself.

Very often, your very best approach to sales, is to “clear” any issues standing in the way of it closing, period. That’s it. Clear client or customer concerns, clear any technical or external issues preventing all sides moving forward, and most importantly after all that, clear yourself out of the way of delaying things as well. Pay attention to whether YOU stall things with a [bad] joke, talking too much or often, or generally alienating your client in any way. Know this, or learn it.

Of course, none of this happens, without the work that gets you there. None of it. What work,  what attitude? The calls, the meetings, the strategizing & the interest to have two mutual parties succeed together. They allow the rest, being “cleared for closing”, to happen!

Today we celebrate 8 years of MindOnMedia[Sales], now with more than 13,000 visitors, and readers in 24 countries around the world. Thank You!


~ by MindOnMediaSales on May 27, 2016.

One Response to “‘Cleared’ for Closing…”

  1. Getting to know when to get out of your own way in order for your deal to move ahead is often difficult to do. After all, we get too anxious and want to “help” the process along…when what we really do is to defeat the process.

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