TV is in Transition…Are You?

TV >< Video = Audience?

TV >< Video = Audience?

From The TV Business is Falling Apart – Business Insider, comes what many have expected for some time now out of the financial markets: a call that “the market was valuing the sector as if ad-supported TV in the US was a “structurally impaired” asset…

On the Sales side, what this means is simple: if you’ve been one of those [lucky enough] to be sitting on $600k/year packages selling TV for a decade-plus…watch out. If you never bothered to pay much attention to Digital for all of that time, thinking it a waste of your time…get ready.

I’ve written elsewhere in depth, that the transition skills + knowledge base needed going forward, grow more formidable every day [and more difficult to quickly learn.] If you don’t make the transition soon, as TV itself now clearly is, you are in jeopardy.

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