‘Bytes in Your Blood’ – You Can Sell, But Can You Get Hired Selling Digital?

Live@IAB – You Can Sell, But Can You Get Hired Selling Digital?

While this ‘Live@IAB’ article is a good starter on the topic as a promotion piece in support of their DMSC exam + credential, it could delve much further into the issue of making the leap into Digital Media sales, from the TradMedia sales world.

In my mind, it is very much about moving from ‘Ink in Your Veins’…as I myself grew up with…to ‘Bytes in Your Blood’. And if you don’t recognize that, you are likely to get crushed. If you think you can just move over to ‘sell digital’, that is unlikely to work.

In short, the learning curve is not small now at all, and the people you are likely selling to out there are *far* more versed in the many aspects of Digital than you are. There are so many more aspects to Digital now than there ever were in other media vehicles, that you must be somewhat versed…or at least familiar…in nearly all of them.

So, while taking the IAB/DMSC exam is great [Disclosure: I am certified as of May 2012, and up for the renewal exam this week, the end of May 2015], you need to allow yourself to be far more immersed than that.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on May 27, 2015.

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