Isn’t It Ironic? The ‘Spot’ Divergence of TV vs. Digital

Did anyone catch it? We used the word Divergence in our title, not Convergence, the one every Trade pub on Earth is now blasting from the hills.

When I finally did see the disconnect of how ad spots are now being valued, it struck me, natch, that borrowing the now-famous song title for our title, from the long-famous woman artist who first broke big at the Bottom of the Hill club in my old neighborhood of Potrero Hill in the day…was the only one that would work.

And it is ironic to me how things work: right as RTB [and its white-hot parent, Programmatic] gain traction & validity, becoming all the rage in a gotta-have-it-now world….Broadcast in one sense has gone totally the other way, and hypes ‘Time-Shifted’ viewing, to maintain legitimacy [and billings] with big agencies and Brands when selling Ad spots.

In other words, right as billions of VC dollars are pouring into solutions to serve ads on the Web that are perfectly suited to each of us, RIGHT NOW, TV spots have in one sense shunned that, allowing networks/syndicators/affiliates to bill for ‘extended audience’ viewing, sometimes for as long as up to 3 days. This is even while TV itself is roiled in the process of how to move its own buying systems to be automated, or ‘Real Time.’

Finally, it is even more ironic…that as of now, the bigger budgets remain largely where they are.

Some are dabbling with the go-go immediacy offered in real-time, but most is still allocated as it was, updated to the ‘give it a day, or three, or maybe seven’ new way to measure viewers of Broadcast. There is nothing wrong with this, and there are levels of merit to each of these, but this exact area is one where I see little discussion. Much more from MoM[S] on this subject and its many facets, pro & con, is yet to come.

Isn’t It Ironic? It is.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on January 11, 2015.

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