Sorry, YP: Say Hello, Facebook Juggernaut

How the Digital Age has upended things in the traditional, “normal” world. I believe ‘Disrupted’ is the term in recent vogue, and the one appropriate to this state of being. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the seeming twilight of the once-ubiquitous Yellow Pages, still delivered to nearly every doorstep in America.

Why would I say this? From my very own NewsFeed of today, you can see the good YP folks actually advertising for business owners to get free listings! Note I didn’t say consumers; they are going for owners of small businesses. And that NewsFeed I mentioned? That would be on Facebook, of course.

That they at YP think this approach makes sense, speaks volumes beyond the space we have here to expound upon. yponfb

And naturally enough, the FB team sees YP as little enough of a threat, to gladly take their money for this privilege. I almost couldn’t make this up! But again, all of this speaks volumes.

Atlas. WhatsApp. LiveRail. All of these have proven brilliant moves. And YP having to take a bow here, is a kind of silent, building result…one we are likely to see more of soon.

While I personally am not a fan of Mr Zuckerberg’s seeming penchant for prying into our Privacy, I would admit an admiration for his ability to see & create maneuvers such as this, more or less on his own. That is in stark contrast, to the algorithmic/logarithmic, analytical reality applied at a place like Google, as they look to ‘hire the best’, and yet are not now nearly as well positioned in the near term, as Mr Zuckerberg is.

Well played…again…FB. And good luck to you in a new age, YP.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on December 28, 2014.

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