Saying Goodbye, Bay Guardian…

The shot captured here will apparently be the final cover ever published from the San Francisco Bay Guardian, one of the great bastions in the country for progressive, alternative journalism. Very sad to see this.

Even more sad…with MoM[S] having long been a student of media as well as a practitioner…is that this day was pretty much baked more or less for both the BG, as well as that other great liberal bastion, New York’s great Village Voice, as soon as the lovely folks from New Times reared their heads in the world out of Phoenix, to the regret of so many. Basically following radio’s acquire/purge/hollow-out model from Clear Channel, the result is now more than clear.

Yes, the web also put major pressure on books like the Bay Guardian, sure, but the legacy, and M.O., of the New Times crowd was well-known even before their disgraceful buy of the Voice, and even longer before the successful lawsuit against them in SF…set as it was, against teary, bogus ‘testimony’ from corporate [as I would allege all of this to be, as depicted.] Please.

From town to town, we had long read about their alleged thuggish, scorched-earth policies as employed by New Times. Not only against their competitors [resulting in the lawsuit above], but their very employees & reporters.

Journalism has always been rough & tumble. Ad sales, or selling Media in general, has never also been for the faint of heart. Yet you will notice that this very blog, MindOnMedia[Sales] has never advocated such practices as we read about in that lawsuit. Nor have we ever felt a need to engage in them ourselves, and yet we’ve been fortunate to experience what is arguably a reasonable successful career. One we are still enmeshed in, every minute of our life.

In the end, a free & independent press is more important to this country than any $2M moron on Wall Street, or self-important hack in DC, could ever imagine. Nothing is more important to this great country, except possibly the document that allows a free press to always be extant, the US Constitution.

We salute the Bay Guardian, brave & unwavering from its first day until its last. May independent journalism find a way to carry on against corporate tyranny and government thugs forever, always.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on October 18, 2014.

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