Diligence Displayed…Details…Determination

Publishing, and advertising, are very tough businesses. Maybe all businesses are, in their own way. But as costs rise, and the cuts to those same costs also rise…quality almost universally drops.

Such as it is with this: a major national client, on a [now] major national web destination, with a huge typo in an ad, in that site’s headline position. Ugh. While I am not going to critique this single site, as it may be on dozens of others, it is a glaring error.


It is glaring, and it is amazing that no one; from the Design/Creative team, to the Agency planning/strategy/buying team, to the QA/Traffic team at the site…noticed this. Now yes, it is only one ad out of hundreds, and these things can happen. But with Digital ads? With Spell Check? Really?

Oh, and where were you, the Sales talent? Yes, YOU. You, that works with all sides, to ensure a proper campaign? Sure, mistakes happen, and I’m really saying this more hypothetically than directly, but this is VERIZON? A huge client.

Are you so busy that you can’t make your client [and by default, yourself] look GREAT, by pointing out what all others missed? The best in Sales, don’t miss such things. We all need to do our best, and be *that* person. It’s almost like therapy to write this here, and remind myself of such crucial items every day, even while having caught many, many typos in my career.

~ ~ ~

In the day, Conde’ Nast was famous in some circles, for things like [among many notable examples], Dinner for staff working after 8pm, and their ubiquitous ‘Car Service’ for anyone on business in town after 10pm, a perk used lavishly, to be sure. But they also had staff, and had Copy Editors, Fact Checkers, and Proofreaders. When is the last time you saw ANY of those as a title? Exactly.

Spell Check: Takes 1 second or less for three words, as in this tagline. If you ‘don’t have the time’, delegate it. Be diligent about it. The Details DO Matter.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on June 9, 2014.

One Response to “Diligence Displayed…Details…Determination”

  1. Said another way, comes this posting from the amazing David Brock, head of Partners in EXCELLENCE. In the above scenario, the goal of the Sales talent should be more along the lines described by Dave; i.e. in being more of an ‘Orchestrator’ or ‘Resource Manager’, to maybe help avoid such major gaffes as this one.

    See the link – https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140615160902-67084-the-salesperson-as-orchestrator-or-resource-manager?trk=prof-post

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