On the *Serious* Side of Sales…

There are 3 main sides of the Sales process to be taken seriously; the more seriously the better. Executing upon all of these on an ongoing basis, consciously or not, puts you in rarefied company. And it’s likely if you are doing so, you are also quite successful, regardless of what it is exactly you sell.

Get these 3 right continuously, and you are one of the very few:

  • Getting the Customer Solution right. This is not getting the latest hotshot product your company wants to sell, right. Or what will get you the biggest bonus, right. It is learning the players [& the politics], hearing the issues/problems, and doing the due diligence on what is needed, to get what your customer needs, right.
  • Getting the Customer to understand why your solution is right. This still may not get you the deal [as you also now have to get the pricing right], but if you believe it is right, and best for them…and they understand this…their interest in wanting to work with you [including helping you get the pricing right!], increases dramatically.
  • Getting your company to understand why your client solution is right. How often have you created & crafted an amazing solution for your clients to consider…only to get glazed looks within your own firm? Yes, it happens I’m afraid.

Last, there is a 4th side in this equation, one I particularly favor. It has brought me my most success over the years…and ironically, the most trouble [which in the end of course, means…I never, ever want to stop my focused obsessiveness on it. I will blaze the lesser trails regardless.] It simply is this:

  • Getting the perspective to find those random, disparate elements to be assembled in a new, applied framework part [that will get ultimately me the deal in the end], right. That’s a lot of words, but basically it refers to what I’ve written about so often here; looking at all sides of any situation, piecing together the seemingly unrelated pieces that become the glue…then assembling it in a totally new way, even if never tried before. Obviously on this one, when it applies is something to consider. So if/when a deal is straighforward, take it & don’t mess it up. But when it is not…?

Many of you might think there are other ‘sides’ to consider or account for here. If so, add them to the Comments below!


~ by MindOnMediaSales on November 20, 2012.

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