Awesome or Awful? You Make the Call…

The infographic here, on a site entitled Awesome or Awful?, comes from several ad agency Creatives talking about the quality of creative executions let loose on the world. It is brilliant…and very honest. It also requires YOU to be honest with yourself, if used to analyze your work.

A self-critique tool for young Ad creatives…

What I like about this chart, is that it validates some of the key themes & points we recently also offered at MoM[S], in our post, ‘10 Tips on the Selling Side of Filmmaking.’ Some of the common elements that both advocate: strive to evaluate how your audience, intended or otherwise, sees the work you’ve done, and what light they see it in. [Note: if you swap out ‘campaign’ for either ‘film, or ‘Digital series’ as used in our ’10 Points’ piece, these two complement each other pretty closely.]

To do this evaluation with your recipient audience, you need to step outside yourself, and be strong enough to allow whatever feedback, good or bad, may come your way.

The other point they also advocate, is to basically have ‘filters’ for yourself. ‘Self-critiquing’ they call it, which also works. Some might call these people mentors, except that you also need people outside the biz, and your bubble, to give a “cold” analysis or opinion, of your work.

All of these items, when combined, can’t help but make your project a better one!


~ by MindOnMediaSales on August 26, 2012.

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