10 Tips on the ‘Selling’ Side of Filmmaking [WebContent, too!]

While many filmmakers & content creators might not want to think about it in this way, there is a lot of “selling” involved in the ongoing process of filmmaking, whether for Features, Shorts, Webseries/Content, or TV Pilots. There are many senses [& settings] of the word “sell” that can be used if they will allow for it: to an audience [on why they should watch or buy tix to see your show], to investors, studios or networks, to serious talent they may wish to cast, and to sponsors or advertisers if in the Digital space.

Even gaining interest within the film festival selections process can loosely be considered as an indirect form of this pursuit if you distill it down; making your work more welcoming, or more easily accessible to judging, can certainly be a form of what I’m talking about here if it is understood what your goal was in the project to begin with [as very often it is not, I assure you.]

Having now screened hundreds…or even thousands…of scripted content projects of all types in the last few years with my association to ITVfest and the Webseries world at large, I have seen nearly every type of good…and bad…project to be made. But that’s not really very interesting; so have a lot of people in Hollywood.

What IS interesting, is that even while knowing some of the people involved in making a number of these projects; knowing their abilities, skill sets & other works completed; after all that…I STILL see some of the key points among these tips missed, or not executed very well at all. While this should maybe surprise me, I think it really speaks more to the very difficulty of, and the great effort needed in applying towards…creating great content. These 10 Tips running the gamut, are written with that in mind:

Last, while many of these items are not new, we hope this list encourages you to truly look again at the many sides [some less obvious], to creating great Content…and then interest in that Content!

Note: This post is dedicated to the many entrants that submitted exceptional qualities of work to ITVfest 2012, and to those attending the MoM[S] sessions entitled ‘Creating Content, Creating Interest’, at SAG Summer Conservatory – 2012.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on July 23, 2012.

4 Responses to “10 Tips on the ‘Selling’ Side of Filmmaking [WebContent, too!]”

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