Sales & The Random Element…

So, what is random? Random is that part of the Sales process that you cannot, and will not, ever be able to control. No one human is perfect, and no one person will ever have full knowledge of any situation in its entirety. You can plan, hope, calculate, conceive…contrive. But never fully control.

Why do I bring this up? Recently I came across a person again whom I had met informally about a year ago at an event, when I had learned they had been chosen for a job I did not get several years prior to our meeting each other. At the time, the hiring manager felt [oddly enough as we’ll soon see], that *I* did not have the *right* skills for her job, and so she ended up with this person.

What makes this odd, is that not only did I KNOW that I had the right skills…so did the person they hired, once we met. This person (knowing of my writing for this blog, MoM[S]), started asking me some very specific questions related to Sales, and the Sales cycle; ones that I was quite surprised they did NOT know (and that they came to ME to ask them, too!)

Worse, they also did not know some key practices at one of the very large Agency groups in LA…where this person had a lot of business already! Really? Seriously? Now, I wonder what that hiring manager would say, if they were to have witnessed this.

And yet, while I indeed did have the skill set…that person had the job. And for inexplicable reasons, this hiring manager was obviously OK with a person that had minimum knowledge to use in their job, selling for her.

What do you say to that? Nothing, really. Except that this, too, is part of the Sales cycle. And part of life. Let us know of any experiences you’ve had along these lines!


~ by MindOnMediaSales on January 27, 2012.

3 Responses to “Sales & The Random Element…”

  1. Our timing on certain topics is indeed interesting, as here is an article that appeared on Business Insider, entitled, ‘4 More Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job’, that is very much along the lines in addressing what we write on above:

  2. great article

  3. Great post, thanks

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