MindOnMedia[Sales] 2012 Predictions – The Emerging Media Landscape

With our fortunate position at MoM[S] of having been very early in writing on several of the key Sales topics out there in the last year or so, we would be remiss to not also look at what’s ahead as we start next year. Some of the trends/key buzzwords we’ll be looking at in 2012:

‘IP-Based Media’

  • As we wrote in a post of the same title, with the proliferation of Digital tools and controls into virtually every facet of Media these days, having access to Web protocols will be a given from here on out, it is safe to say. This will serve the dual purpose of more granular planning in the area of audience Reach on the agency/client side, and information access/control about a product or service of interest to the consumer public, on the audience side.
  • ‘Flash Talent’

  • You could almost call this term ‘Crowd Outsourcing’, as it refers to when a project [or firm] brings on talent of various kinds [Sales, Accounting, IT, etc.] on a “flash” basis, at inspecific moments, for undefined periods of time. While similar to Freelance talent, I think the difference will be in the short duration/quick turnaround needs we will see more of going forward. And the broader acceptance of such a practice.
  • ‘One Screen, Any Screen’ Audience

  • With the ubiquity of “screens”; TVs, Laptops, Desktops, Mobile phones, Tablets; we’ll see more strategy, and execution, of concepts that apply across all screens, yet still speak to the realities & dynamics of each. [Ironically, this will only work better & better in 2012, all the while as the Privacy debates over online targeting are waged in Congress and elsewhere. This will evolve nonetheless.]
  • Online/Offline: Together & in Flux

  • This could actually be the most interesting of the bunch, as you’ve got several colliding elements at once: On one side, you’ve got the online properties that venture into the offline space for “legitimacy” [witness the VC millions poured into Super Bowl ads, as one example.] On the other side you’ve got Old Media, offline properties desperately trying to both validate the now nearly-lost value of their old-school Media vehicles, and demonstrate their hipness/relevance, as they venture into Online realms with iPad app’s, etc. [Conde’ Nast is one with mixed results, on this side.]
  • Metrics Sanity

  • Like the oversupply of online Ad media inventory, there is an equal abundance of metrics now, in all shapes & sizes. Are we past the point of diminishing returns, or just realism & sanity? Suffice it to say, a shakeout in this area will come, and the many will be distilled into the few; i.e. several viable, usable items.
  • The Backlash Against ‘Reputation Backlash’

  • More & more firms [people, too], while recognizing the importance of a good online reputation overall, will “rebel” against the instantaneous trashings that are now possible, via Twitter and other viral sources.
  • Rather than jump to respond at every disparaging word as happens often now, if the firm/person feels they did no wrong and are stepping away from THEIR core values to make amends for something that really may not have even actually happened, a level of comfort will start to set in with being maligned in the digital ether.

    That means holding your ground [dangerous words here, I know], but mistakes do happen. In the end, you cannot be all things to all people, nor loved [let alone ‘liked’] by all of them, either. It’s just reality.

    As with any set of predictions, we don’t expect to be right on all of them, and maybe none of them. But either way, it will be interesting to look back one year from now, to see what was on the horizon to make us offer the items served up here for 2012!

    Happy New Year to all of our readers, and thanks for stopping by MindOnMedia[Sales] this year!


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