5 Tips to Harness Urgency in Online Media Sales [Ads, Video & Content]

OK, sometimes inspiration can come from unusual places: here, it comes from a ClickZ article by Robin Neilfield, with a very similar title as the one above…but a very different perspective than is in play here.

To establish exactly which side of the game we are writing for, it is for those charged with bringing in or increasing revenues for a multi-site Publisher, Web site or Ad Network, on either a direct Sales or Manager level.

While the ClickZ article talked about creating “urgency” among consumers for making immediate purchases, the focus here is on us as Sales expert, and how we move our sales process forward in a B2B environment. You want, need, must inspire, to create a reason for action. Here are some ways to do so, in the Digital Media arena:

  • Give Them What They Want –
  • Sounds easy, right? You’d be surprised. That is because of the two key things that often get in the way of what they ask you for: what your company may want you to offer/sell them, and [just as bad], what YOU want to offer them, based on what it might do for your commissions, bonus, incentives, etc.

    I mean, take this to a basic level: you’ve brought your relationship this far, put the ego & everything else aside…and just do the deal. Really.

    There have many times where I have gotten to the point with a client/agency that I have made it onto their ‘buy’ list, then turn right around and give them exactly what they want, on time, at the budget level they asked for, with no frills. I’ve made it easy for them. They are often blown away by this. And so they make it easy for you [by issuing you an IO.]

    A final note on this: While you or your firm may be hoping for more budget/sell them other stuff, much of the time you end up with nothing, so why bother? I’ll take the deal, rather than “try” to reach my stretch goal, lose out, and land with nothing.

    [And if you want to sell them other stuff…or what your company demands…fine, but try to separate the two apart, as that really is a different part of the Sales cycle, right?]

  • Also Give Them What They Don’t Know They Want –
  • Yes, this sounds like the exact opposite of what the first point is about. It’s not. Part of your ongoing mandate in the Sales world is to know what’s going, what’s new, what your Agency/Client interest’s are. So in this case, adding in a whole new element [yes, whether they ask for it, or not] to an Upfront or RFP submission, makes total sense.

    When exactly is that? Let’s just say that when you can make the case for why they would want to seriously buy it…and not why you need [or want] to sell it to them…you are very much on your way.

    Bonus: If you’ve really taken the time here and justified what you are offering, even if they don’t buy now, they will respect and remember you for doing so, which paves the way for your career in working with them going forward. [See Item #5 below.]

  • Make Sure You Have Both Bases Covered –
  • Both bases in this case, would be both the Agency…and their Client. This can be fraught with peril, and could be its own Blog post in itself. Tread lightly.

    There are very valid times to do this, but this one is mainly used only when you have tried all other avenues, and came up short. That is a fallback, and not the most pro-active approach. I am not going to give away my own exact ‘secret sauce’ ways that I do this personally [that is for my consulting/advising clients], but I will generally put down here that it CAN be achieved, wherein you have contact with both Agency and Client, both know about it, and neither feels threatened, because you have not set up an ‘adversary’ type of situation. This can even be true if you, as a last resort, went to the Client directly, against the Agency’s wishes.]

    Be careful, and think it through. It can be done. And it CAN get you the deal, too.

  • Get Them Into the Game –
  • Most on the agency side are familiar with this one, but many at your clients may not be. Basically, this refers to the ability of their Online ad programs to perform…in the timeframe that they are hoping they perform in.

    This one, in other words, has to do with optimizing, from the starting point that a campaign might begin, vs. when the ‘Event’ is occurring [model launch, sales event, holiday weekend.] With the development of cookie-based targeting across the Web, many sites/publishers can now optimize serving ads more effectively, given the time to ramp up & do so.

    More, those that offer so called ‘re-targeting’ efforts can take up to 30 days to really key in to the core audience, sometimes also referred to here as a ‘Cookie Pool‘.

  • Make It About…You –
  • From Item #2 above, if you have positioned yourself properly in your career, and taken time to establish yourself as someone that your agency and client contacts want to listen to…because you come to them with things important to THEM…you are almost always on the way to shortening your Sales cycle, any sales cycle, whether for something new from your current firm, or whatever new situation you go on to down the line.

    I know this to be true, having often re-approached key contacts after not having worked with them for several years. I also know it is something I will never stop being focused on. What about you?


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