Right Brain vs. Left Brain: Sales Success as a Concept…and as Art

Under our preferred MindOnMedia[Sales] tagline, The Right-Brain ‘Art’ of Sales vs. the Left-Brain ‘Analytic’, we have written extensively about the dynamic we personally live in, live inside of, and live through every day in the Sales world.

That dynamic element is the never-ending back & forth, of the balance between the raw scientific, analytical side of the Sales process, and how that interplays [or not], against the free-form, undefined artistic side that has done so much for us at MoM[S] over the years.

Leave it to one of the great automotive OEM’s, Mercedes Benz, to capture visually, this great pursuit…

We love that last part, about this being from Mercedes Benz, as it brings many elements of our career…and this blog…together at one time: Sales, Automotive Clients, Art vs. Science, and of course, MindOnMedia[Sales] – The Blog.

In the end, as we reflect more on this, we realize that the “vs.” [or ‘versus’] that we refer so often to, is not really that. So many times in our career, I am reminded how in solving our most difficult sales challenges, with our most ingenious sales solutions, it really WAS an interplay of the two.

Those solutions inevitably arose, when the Analytic [Left Brain] side looked at the possibilities, defined the improbabilities, and just flat out stated what needed to be done. From there, our Artistic [Right Brain] side, comes up with the solution that works; so often one that no one else thought of, no one thought could be achieved, and so then dismissed in the process.

Those successes in our Sales process, for our good Clients, are always the best!


~ by MindOnMediaSales on October 31, 2011.

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