‘IP-Based Media’: The Next New Ad Buzzterm?

In a recent posting on my personal Facebook page, I inadvertently used an established term on the technical infrastructure side of the Web, but in a new way perhaps.

The term, IP-Based Media, is one I think we will start to see used more & more in the Media…and Creative…sides of the Ad world. As so many elements of the Digital universe [all of them with an IP address you’ll note] start to converge, it is a given in my mind that IP-Based Media is in fact, the next new buzzterm.


Recently, at the JDPower Automotive Internet Roundtable, there was a fascinating session on the ‘4-Screen’ world for advertisers [TV, Desktop, Mobile, Tablet.] And at a recent iMedia Connection Summit conference, there was a similar session, albeit dubbed as a ‘2-Screen’ panel [i.e. TV…and “everything else.”]

So, very soon, rather than just being used in the highly specialized world of Bandwidth dissemination, Router protocols, and Converged networks, I think we will see the term IP-Based Media being used as a catch-all term, referring to the ‘Omni Audience’ that exists more and more every day, across any & all digital platforms, environments and media, for any & all Ad/Branding clients.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on October 23, 2011.

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