Branding & Your WebSeries II: Tie The Sales Knot, or Not?

To continue in the vein of discussing revenue-generation and sales & marketing ideas that we began under our ‘List of 19’ series, let’s now take a look at some aspects of Branding that can be tied into the ‘selling’ of your WebContent project.

The 3 most important items to consider here are:
1> Tell Your Story. As with any film or video project, your story/narrative/ concept must be a good one. That also means it must show up on film or video accurately representing your idea, and be rock solid; the best that it can be.

2> Identify Possible ‘Brand’ Elements. Then Decide How to Handle Them. This is a tricky one, as unless you are doing yours as a ‘Sponsored Project’ [already paid for as a Promo vehicle], you will have to decide where on the spectrum any possible Brand elements that could attract support for you fall, vs. the impact on your project.

In the next part of this series, we’ll take a look at ways to maybe address branding elements, and what to actually do with them if you choose to pursue support from a Brand, Client or Ad Agency.

3> Tell The Story ABOUT Your Story. Or, ‘Have A Story, About Your Story’

You also must have another story that you develop about your project, one that attracts brands/sponsors/investors to have [or get] interest in it. A PLAN is what we’re talking about here, for getting visibility, eyeballs, traffic, attention, engagement. If you don’t have a PLAN here, or develop one, you are pretty much not in the game, in 2011.

Wait…what was that? True; the first one above is pretty much a given at this point, with no argument. The second one trips many people up, or they miss the point entirely. This last one is the piece that many people are just starting to realize is possible…and expected. Already. That is, if you seek to get a serious listen from anyone that might actually offer you a budget, buy rights to your project, fund syndication, etc.

You CAN actually map out a plan for distribution/syndication/views/ engagement, and do it from both the Paid [i.e. you secure a budget], and Unpaid [i.e. “free”, including Social Media] sides.

Even on the more “traditional” side of the Film world, people have not only realized this as a possibility…but are already teaching & writing about it. If you follow the great work of Stacey Parks over at Film Specific, you can take her ‘Distribution in Reverse’ course. As she so eloquently puts it, “It’s about taking into consideration the life your film will have after you’ve made it…”. This also applies just as easily to WebContent, if not more so!

Let me finish for now, by saying that not everyone will choose to want to ‘sell’ their content/project.

Also keep in mind here, that “selling” of it can mean many different things, including just attracting an audience to want to be engaged enough to maintain interest, episode after episode.


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