Branding & Your Webseries: The Paradox of Success in Online Video

With more than 30 hours of Video content being uploaded onto Youtube per minute, it is fair to say that even among the cat videos & vacation drinking binges being put up, there will be no shortage of budding “filmmakers” out there looking to break into a higher level of success; i.e. The Biz.

What many of those who already making more polished video projects don’t [yet] see, is the 2 key paradoxes that exist when looking to create, market and/or gain visibility in the Online Video world for their WebSeries/WebContent project.

These two critically defining [yet conflicting] items are:

  • Barriers of Entry – and Success. With so much video being uploaded, many think that pretty much anyone can jump in and become a filmmaker or Online Video star. Not so. For, while the Barrier of Entry to create & distribute [or upload] your work has dropped…the Barrier to Success, it’s pretty fair to say, has also contradictorily risen.

    As one Barrier declines then, the other rises concurrently.

    This is actually intuitive, if you think about it. It really comes down to supply & demand: with more content to possibly consume, the world’s audiences must by default become more choosy in what they watch, just because there is so much of it. [And this remains true, even as the audience also grows at the same time, which actually would be a third paradox here, to be looked at in detail on another day!]

  • Follow in Their [Brand] Footsteps. The second major paradox is that, even while ‘gaining visibility’ is chasing a higher & higher bar, what to do about it among Content creators is also often overlooked, ignored or frowned upon.

    What CAN you do about it? What can you do, to aid your ability to increase potential visibility of your project? Well, the way I’m going to talk about here is the one receiving the least focus [at least among the many Independent creators I talk to.]

    If you look at the worlds of advertising & marketing…what goes on, when it’s all distilled down? A ‘Brand’ spends money to tell a story or create a message about their product, so that people will learn about it, know about it…and then ideally one day, buy it.

    [In the case of the film/TV world, the equivalent is spending ‘X’ amount of Promo/Marketing budget to attract ‘Y’ amount of theater ticketbuyers, or TV show watchers.]

    So…if that process is good enough for the world’s most successful brands…why is it not good enough for indie creators? If this model works for Coca-Cola, Nike, Chanel, Virgin & others, why is it not good enough for you?

    Or, if Warner Bros, Disney, Paramount & Fox all follow this type of model, why won’t you consider using a similar approach? If you think all of these got to be large, making great movies with huge audiences merely by ‘Organic’ views or similar back in the day…I would say you are wrong.

    While ‘Paid Views’ is frowned upon by so many in the WebContent world, “paid views” is exactly what is going on, in one variation or another, by ALL of the firms listed above. We’ll talk more about this, in terms of creating, and having, a PLAN for distribution/syndication/audience-building, coming up soon.

    And while this should not be your only approach to getting your project seen, it also should maybe not be the only one neglected, ignored, or frowned upon, either.

    More to come on ‘Branding & Your Webseries’ by MoM[S] in this space, in the coming weeks.

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