Mind on Sales…Brand in Focus…Eyes on 2011

A mind is a ‘live’, living thing. By definition, it is so.

MindOnMedia[Sales], or MoM[S] for short, has never been about writing on the usual Sales tips, or how-to’s for better Cold Calling, etc. There are others that are far more focused on those areas, that really delve into them, and are better than I at writing on them.

No, MoM[S] has been, all along, about writing, pondering & discussing whatever is seen out there as related to sales and the sales world, that is on our mind at that moment.

So, ‘MindOnMedia[Sales]’ fits that very well, even if it is not in concert with what many would think…or presume…I should be writing on.

That means we have written on how Acting classes can [& not necessarily will] better your Sales process, ways to use Social Media in B2B efforts [long before it was on the radar of nearly anyone else, anywhere.]

More recently, we have looked at the ways the burgeoning WebContent community can understand what the ‘landscape’ is for potential revenues, and how to pursue based on that. How to “sell” to them, how to sell their project, ideally, and maybe how to in the end…sell themselves.

In the past year, MoM[S] has written a ‘mind melange’ of topics related to the pursuit of Sales & Sales Excellence. Our interest in Brand, and Brand attributes, is growing, so that is likely to be one area of greater focus.

But, not even I know what direction we will be taken in, in 2011. Hopefully that’s OK with you, too. Read on, and also let me know your thoughts along the way.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on February 5, 2011.

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