Noted & Quoted: MoM[S] on ClickZ

I consider it a high honor indeed, being quoted at length in the recent Part II article on ClickZ by Hollis Thomases, entitled, A Second Helping of Online Media’s Alphabet Soup.

Considering that my lines appear in the midst of such heavy-weight industry players as Adam Cahill [SVP/Digital – Hill Holiday, and also a ClickZ columnist], and Mike Baker [CEO of DataXu], puts this in a very special category for us here at MoM[S]. It is far beyond what we envisioned when first approached to comment on this topic, and my respect for each of them is huge.

In the context of this article, I can only add that my comments were based largely from the perspective of having been an unfortunate witness on several occasions, to what is truly, overwhelmingly overblown hype surrounding the DSP phenomenon.

Frankly, the claims that many are foisting on this world as they advocate their ‘game-changing’ product…come from people who ironically live in a world of start-ups. That is a world that, by default, is rarely a game-changer for long.

So, some of the claims made, and the insulting rhetoric hurled at, the very people you would hope are the ones to soon be buying your product, is in my view disingenuous, disgraceful, and truly idiotic.

Having said all that, the “culture” of Media buying, and selling, that Hollis Thomases alluded to in her notes, is clearly underway. I will be both watching, and no doubt participating, and yes, THAT part will be exciting!

What do you think about this new, “new” Alphabet Soup?


~ by MindOnMediaSales on January 14, 2011.

5 Responses to “Noted & Quoted: MoM[S] on ClickZ”

  1. Finally, in Digiday, is the issue of over-reliance on metrics in Digital, being recognized –

  2. as if!

  3. thnx bro

  4. From today’s AdExchanger, comes an article entitled, Why DSPs Are Not Enough, by Eric Bamberger.

    Mr Bamberger goes farther than I do in his comments on DSPs, calling them ‘ineffective.’

    While I think it may be too early in their cycle to make that case, it appears he also does not buy into the massive, overblown hype surrounding what is, essentially, just one more tool in any Media arsenal, which is [part] of the case I was looking to make.

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