Part III: The 19 Revenue Sources for WebSeries Creators

Continuing from Part II in this series, with more detail on each of the ’19’ funding sources for our future WebContent projects [yours and mine], let’s take a deeper look at a few more from this list:

  • Distributors & Producers – Independent Films As Mobile app’s and Ringtones are basically contained within other listings here [i.e., Ad Networks and Podcasts/ Downloads], we could probably include ‘Syndication’ under this one, Distributors & Producers, even if it might warrant its own listing just as those other two rightfully could.

    The idea with Distributors from the indie film world is basically thinking beyond your reach, leverage & contacts, and accessing the talents of others. The model here can be similar to what indie film producers work towards; i.e. sales of Distribution rights across the world, or Syndication into the 25+ “zones” globally, for anything from DVD to Cable to VOD rights.

    And these are bright people, obviously; you don’t think they’ve got their eyes on what’s going with WebContent, and offering their services here more prominently soon? Bet on it.

  • Game Dev/Development Companies – It’s not realistic that all of the ’19’ will ever really ALL apply to ONE single project. Even in my sessions at WebTVWorkshop, I state that 3-4, up to maybe as many as 6 or 7, might work for your project. That you even have that many to choose from though — out of the total 19 — is part of what I think is truly remarkable about the WebContent world in 2010.

    So it follows then that some projects or series will be suitable for being taken into the Game world, either as a standalone for a single platform [i.e. Playstation or XBox] or onto the newer Social Media gaming environments, such as Zynga or Playdom.

    In the game world your options most likely would be to either license your IP from the project, or outright sale.

  • Government Grants/Charitable or Institutional Funding/Support – While I have lumped all of these together, there is a surprising amount of territory to cover here, and so I will attempt to further break them down into several groups below:

    Government Grants

  • National, State or Local Historical or Cultural Agencies
  • “Arts” Funding
  • Wildlife, Geologic or Native American Projects
  • Military, Intelligence or even Defense-related dept’s
  • Charitable

  • Non-Profit groups such as Sierra Club, AFI [American Film Institute] or National Audubon Society have occasional or ongoing Stipends, Funds or Grants for projects that make sense for their cause.
  • Corporations often have a Philanthropic or Charitable Giving dep’t [think Microsoft or Coca-Cola] that will fund various projects. Note that these dept’s are separate from the Adv/Marketing groups, and would be a very different ‘sell’.
  • Institutional Support – Largely fall into 2 areas:

  • Foundations – Set up by wealthy persons or companies, to support or fund an array of causes. Examples include: David Bohnett Foundation, National Science Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation [Microsoft], and many others.
  • Actual Institutions – These would be mostly quasi-government or public entities, that support the public good. Examples here: University Endowments, University Alumni groups, National Historical Society, Friends of the Smithsonian Museum, CPB and many others.
  • Many of these may overlap in my descriptions, or in their funding or support goals, and is so noted.

  • Licensing/Branding Firms – Another area that we’ll see a lot more movement from soon, is by the firms that currently set up Licensing or Branding deals for Hollywood movies & TV shows, moving in to create future revenue streams for viable, strong-concept Web projects.

    Licensing and branding comprises dozens of different areas for potential revenue, but can include anything from Sponsorships — similar to what you might do yourself directly through a client/brand, or their Ad agency — clothing lines, cereal or Video games, to ‘branded’ events.

    In some ways, these licensing and branding firms may overlap in the nexus of this world with the Agents, Brands and Ad Agency’s that could be also involved here. Sometimes one firm might sell to the other, or compete for the same project, or even collaborate. No real rules on any of this yet!

  • We’ll continue working though the ‘List of 19’ in Part IV very soon. Let me know your thoughts here.


    ~ by MindOnMediaSales on November 7, 2010.

    2 Responses to “Part III: The 19 Revenue Sources for WebSeries Creators”

    1. A great resource that I came across that already exists in the Film world, is this UK-based[?] site,

      They have a tremendous list of Funding sources/ideas, including lists of sources for Grants. See more on them here:

    2. […] should check out Ken’s 19 Revenue Sources for WebSeries Creators, Part 1, 2, & 3 on his blog. He breaks down every option afforded to content creators in a simple, straightforward […]

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