What is Your Sales ‘Tone’…?

One of the main goals that I strive for and have achieved with many, many clients over my career, is setting a sales ‘tone’ that is comfortable to them.

It makes them want to buy…and not feel as though they are “being sold” to. It is very often the unspoken elements by you that sets this up: the mannerism, the pace, and tone of voice.

Ultimately, I want to convey credibility to them. Assure them that I have their interest at heart, even before mine. That I will not make promises on things I cannot deliver on, and that I will always fix or stand by whatever I’ve sold to them, when needed.

But note again that ‘tone’ is not always in what is said. Or what is ‘heard’ by your client. It is also in your attitude, and your actions…and how that is ‘received’ by your client. And very often again, it’s the little things that indicate this to them, not grandiose displays.

Something as simple as telling them how long a meeting with them is expected to be [and then keeping to it, not holding them “hostage” for another hour] goes a long way in saying something about you.

Frequent readers may note that I often write at length about the “intangibles” in sales, stuff that is un-quantifiable…yet highly valuable.

Intangible. Un-quantifiable. Yet still so highly, highly valuable.

Tell us about your ‘intangible’ Sales elements below.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on September 6, 2010.

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