“Acting” as Your Next Sales Role…

In authoring this blog, I have started the transition from writing about Sales in 2009, to starting our foray into video. We will be launching a dedicated MoM[S] Video Series channel on Youtube in August! More along these lines is also in the works.

The first two episodes have been shot, and will be in editing soon, then into release. But as I’ve gone through this whirlwind process [where I learned more about Storytelling, Video…and yes, Acting…than I would ever imagined], I realized that two key decisions, in a kind of sequence, led to this new place for MoM[S].

First, through some very good friends & contacts I’ve made in the Scripted Web Content world, I realized that I could produce a small series at a high quality level [for a project such as this], with the help of these very talented people…something you can’t always say about what’s on Youtube.

And second, through an acting professional that I have come to regard highly, Professor Brad Heller…I decided I would actually ‘script’ my series, and not just ad-lib it, as I often do when in-person for meetings with a client/agency.

Both decisions together, have been invaluable, not even knowing this at the time. Never did I realize until very recently, the very high similarities [and therefore synergies] that can exist for the Sales professional, that lay within the world of Acting.

A serious, true Actor rigorously trains for the brutal world of Hollywood; is Sales any less than that? Not really. Their glory as Actors…may not always be that far away from our glory as Sales pros.

The danger in this? Keeping clearly in mind, that bad acting comes when it is obvious you are acting. And you, as a Sales pro…are not even really “acting”, even if you borrow a page from their playbook, so to speak.

Why? Well, for one, you are playing yourself, not a different person or role. So, “acting” to play the role of yourself…ain’t gonna work.

Am I contradicting myself here by advocating the use of Acting techniques for Sales all of a sudden? Not really.

Just looking at a couple of the key, rudimentary things to learn: What is your Objective?, and, What is your Emotion?, can help frame your goals for nearly every client dialogue, communication, or encounter.

Or this key principle: “Listen & Receive.” Allowing yourself to be ‘in the moment’ and respond to your client/prospect, says wonders about you as a Sales pro.

There will be some that read this and say, ‘Yeah, I already do this. Nothing new here.’ Maybe so…but what I’ve said is still true. I have personally watched untold numbers of fellow Sales team members just recite, by rote, whatever stuff they’ve been told to shovel, onto to unwitting Agency’s/Clients to which they are not even listening at all…because they need or want to keep their jobs by shoveling, instead of…”listening & receiving”…to those same agency’s/clients.

I’ve railed on this topic line many times before. The fault of this ‘shoveling’ process lies not with the Sales team. It falls clearly to those they report to, those that demand this. [Same holds true for the sales lost in favor of that ‘shoveling’ process that cost you those deals, by the way. Those definitely belong to the Sales Mgrs/VPs who advocate this approach, though they’ll of course defer.]

Find your balance, find what your clients want, and find your best place to sell in, by considering a look at how Acting techniques can better your Sales process. I have, and I am very glad I did.

Note: This blog post is dedicated to the craft & teachings of Professor Brad Heller, an adjunct instructor at UCLA, and the Founder/Exec Director of The Acting Without Agony Academy, in Hollywood, CA.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on August 5, 2010.

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