Nissan, Now > Coup or Redo?

I wrote recently about the whiplash maneuverings of Joel Ewanick, who was apparently negotiating with GM, while at the marketing helm of Nissan for his short duration. He of course then went to induce further whiplash around the agency world, most notably within the walls of Publicis, which lost Chevy to Goodby [an Omnicom shop], but gained Cadillac over at Fallon [a Publicis shop, which had lost Chrylser in this process], by way of BBH/Bartle Bogle Hegarty. Is your head spinning, yet? Mine is.

Funny enough, speaking of Chrysler, maybe the symmetry in this becomes complete. Since, as Joel Ewanick moved on from Nissan, now there are reports that none other than Jim Press has come on board, to advise the Nissan team on marketing/dealer issues. Press was a Sr Exec at Chrysler after the government takeover, for about 2 years. But in getting Press on their side, Nissan, under Carlos Ghosn, also gets something else: the man who headed up the most successful US sales effort to date of any Asian company. I am of course referring to his 25+ years heading up Toyota Motors USA.

So…Nissan loses the Hyundai genius, to GM. But they gain from Chrysler, the genius that built Toyota. It remains to be seen, as to which would have been better for Nissan: Jim, or Joel? Only time will tell, but we’ll be watching. And it is interesting that it was Nissan which was caught in the nexus of all this. Your thoughts?


~ by MindOnMediaSales on July 27, 2010.

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