Ad Technology vs. Agency: Who Has the Advertiser’s Ear? – ClickZ

Ad Technology vs. Agency: Who Has the Advertiser’s Ear? – ClickZ.

Through this blog, MoM[S] has touched briefly several times on the subject of how [and/or when] we as Sales professionals approach a Client, their Agency, or both. Depending on the situation, it can be a delicate balance, and yes, you should choose carefully. That is the main theme of this article by Hollis Thomases, and I am pleased to have been involved in her discussing this important subject from another side.

MoM[S] first discussed this in ‘Spy vs Spy…or SalesGuy‘, and again in passing, in ‘Selling on the Video Side‘. But Hollis Thomases brings a broader, more thorough discussion of the topic to bear in this ClickZ article, and does it from the side of someone who is a web/marketing expert in her own right. She is also the head of a cutting-edge Web firm [that is partly an Agency], and so rightly has the perspective to look at a subject like this from multiple sides.

All of this means she is often afforded a position that has a client’s ear in these matters, and likely has had Sales talent to deal with on any number of related occasions. And yet she still acknowledges, without necessarily approving of, the fact that Sales talent is there to sell, and will pursue many avenues toward that goal. In my mind, ironically enough, our success on the Sales side will likely come to us on the highest level, by knowing and playing to the answer of her lead-in question: Who Has the Advertiser’s Ear?


~ by MindOnMediaSales on June 21, 2010.

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