A Personal ‘Universal Sales Law’ – 1 Year Anniversary Blog Post

PROLOGUE: As you can tell by the title of today’s post, MindOnMedia[Sales] began as a blog one year ago today. Thank you for all post entries you may have read! Never would I have imagined that what began as a perhaps occasional, on again/off again pursuit, would become so much a part of my Sales life, my Sales identity. I never aspired to be a Brian Solis, or a Chris Brogan [nor am I them now], but I have written extensively nonetheless, and that has carried over into Twitter…which has become my second love after this blog. Here, if I may indulge on this celebratory day, are some highlights of the last year:::

  • 81 Posts have now appeared on MoM[S]
  • Over 1,650 Visitors have come to MoM[S], from among Readers like you. Thank you.
  • MoM[S] blog post’s have now appeared on AutoKinesis, AOL Autos, Know Marketing, and the WindMill Networking websites.
  • As for Twitter, ‘MindNMediaSales’ now has over 440 Followers….and over 830 Tweets…in its first year.

  • – – –

    Might as well start Year 2 of this blog, with stating in this post why I do what I do, in the Sales universe. Through luck, effort and perseverance, I have come across my own guiding Principle for Sales Success, a ‘Universal Sales Law‘, if you will. It is simple, yet like many things just on appearances alone, deceptively so. My ‘Universal Sales Law’ can be summed up as:

    “The effort/activity you put in place as a part of your Sales effort, is what sets you apart, and allows you to succeed. Realize that ‘effort’ though, can mean many things, both direct and indirect…and that your success can occur in many different ways…if you allow it.”

    The main problems that most sales ‘Experts’ will have with the above, is that when I talk about “effort/activity”, I am NOT reducing the focus to just the standard, dry Cold Calls/Appointments/Meetings formulas out there, that have largely been discredited by now. [See the great body work of by Frank Rambauskas’ Cold Calling is a Waste of Time series for more on this subject > here . Little more need be said.]

    For me, the words “Effort” and “Activity” can mean many things, which I have found that because I am engaged in some way with my clients or solving their business problems, always seem to somehow add to my Sales successes. If you mistake ‘No Cold Calling’ with ‘No Sales Effort’ however, you are not only mistaken, you are destined for failure.

    This entire discussion will be far too fuzzy for most hard-core, ‘dry’ Sales experts. That works for me just fine. Let them read about, teach–or worse, lead their Sales teams with–their hard-core, dry Sales principles somewhere else. [Note: Mr Rambauskas has his many detractors as well. Yet he seems to be doing well despite that. And, if I may associate myself for a moment with someone on his level of success, he based his views on his own personal experiences…much as I do here with my own experiences…thus my own ‘Universal Sales Law’.]

    So in closing out Year 1, while this kind of belief will definitely have its detractors [trust me, I’ve come across too many with a completely wrong Sales focus], the question for those that I might work with in the future becomes: What is more important – the end result of what I will do [as in, generate Sales revenues], or…something else? Is your “procedure” more important than whether it actually works or not? [Something I have seen more times than you’d think.] More, if your agenda is something other than Sales success, results & revenues, maybe others are more suited for you. I have already stated what focus I will go with, known here now as my ‘Universal Sales Law’. Funny enough, it’s also the focus that will grow your company, now & in the future.

    Thanks again to all my MoM[S] readers!


    ~ by MindOnMediaSales on May 27, 2010.

    One Response to “A Personal ‘Universal Sales Law’ – 1 Year Anniversary Blog Post”

    1. Congratulations on year 1…..am looking forward to more words of sales and philosophical wisdom. Keep it up.

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