Social Media Ad Spending Lags

Social Media Ad Spending Lags.

The usual brilliant insight we look for/expect from Razorfish as it pertains to the Digital world [and now Social Media, too], no doubt. In reality, these social media firms brought much of this onto themselves. Many created great User experiences, while giving little [if any] thought early on to the Ad experience…while ironically enough, having to answer to VCs [who might have an interest in that, one would think.]

From there, much of the revenue was literally left to be had by others, in what are now huge players, like Zynga. Some app developers, like Slide and/or RockYou! have also monetized, too. But both of them, like non-residing firms such as an AppsSavvy, Buddy Media or Vitrue, have to essentially create new & better ‘ideations’ for every client/agency/campaign, in a never-ending ‘upping the ante’…which is nearly impossible to continue, and hugely expensive. Does Broadcast do that last part? Hardly. You want a 30-second Spot? You buy it. Sure, it’s more than that with Sponsorships, etc, and yes, it’s far more mature, but its also much more standardized & easy to access.

Merely slapping up banners that are not part of an “integrated program” is not a great solution, and is not yielding the social media firms a lot of revenue, as is pointed out. But until a considered, created Ad environment comes about, the social media firms will be where they are, with all the world as an audience, and clients/agencies wondering how to access it.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on May 26, 2010.

One Response to “Social Media Ad Spending Lags”

  1. As if on cue almost, comes this piece today, on SocialMediaToday, by Christine Yee. Think my quip above about your ideas always having to exhorbitantly ‘up the ante’ in Social Media campaigns was out of line? Not really, for these reasons:
    1> I’ve lived it, having to CREATE these ideas.
    2> The process I used, was very much along the lines of her article, which is entitled, “How to Come Up with Great Content Ideas for Social Media.” See it here:

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