Woe the Digital Sale: Let Me Entertain You

Much as I hate to say it, there are times when the very best Sales effort, YOUR very best Sales effort, can get lost in the shuffle, not get you the deal, maybe not even get you a meeting to begin with. In other words, most of the other 75 posts I have done here, about our all being better Sellers, would in those cases be moot.

How Much to Entertain? Or Not?

Sometimes it literally can come down to the product you offer. Or, as is discussed in this OnlinePublishingInsider article on MediaPost by Amy Auerbach & Jason Krebs, sometimes it may be the budget you have to “entertain” with. Not much more than that, not much less.

If those two items, incompatible product/lesser entertainment budget, are ‘challenges’ for you to deal with in any specific Sales case, you need to recognize that…and what to do about it [including, regrettably moving on, at least for the moment until you better strategize in your favor.]

Sometimes entertaining can be seen as ‘buying the business.’ Most often this is by people on the losing end of this equation, without the huge budgets of a say, ESPN or similar, and done so derogatorily. Sometimes it is as a ‘thank you’ for business done, deals won. Sometimes it really is to hear more, learn more, get to know more, those you really are trying to, or going to, do business with.

As the Online world hones its performance metrics offerings though, that element is likely to be lessened, as Clients/Agency’s can fine-tune their site list’s with little regard to “relationships”, which has good and bad sides to it, as discussed by Amy/Jason.

The Sales process [and successful Sales effort] is never going to be easy. Which means, you [and I] on the Sales side, need to line up all 3 elements really, to the best of our abilities: Product, Sales Process, Socializing/Entertainment. Judgement calls abound on all three, in terms of how to approach, how much effort, pricing, how much entertainment, and on & on. While a challenge…it also means we are never going to be bored!

There is no perfect answer to the question of where this line is drawn. No black&white; only gray, in most cases. Let us know your thoughts here.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on May 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “Woe the Digital Sale: Let Me Entertain You”

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  2. I’ve been given tickets and the like by businesses that I work with and advertise with- Most often as a “thank you” for already being a customer and to develop loyalty. I suppose it would be the equivalent of a Realtor’s Welcome home gift or even the little flash drives or coffee mugs we give our customer’s when they purchase a vehicle. I suppose I think that any little gesture to keep you in people’s minds is usually better than none.

    • Thanks for your note here, Mike. I think that overall, the point of their great article [& my follow-up comments on MoM[S], great or not], is that there is no real dividing line on what is appropriate or not, and ultimately is a judgement call to be made, ideally by both sides…though we see some occasions of abuse just in Amy’s & Jason’s column. I have many, many times done exactly as you, in sending out token Thank You gifts, etc. It comes down to whether or not someone is ‘buying the business’, trying to, or being perceived as such.

      I think a good measuring point, is whether or not the Gift/Item/Dinner/Trip, etc, is outsized in proportion to the scale of business at hand, trying to be sold. A trip to the Super Bowl can make sense if a $4M jet order is in process, or a Global branding deal with say, Nike or Panasonic [as examples] is launching. Much less so, if its a 12x Page contract for your local magazine. Thanks again & please visit us again.

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