My Social Media Taken Sideways, Part II: A Streamy Aftermath…

This post is connected to Part I of this series really in title only. See it on MoM[S] > here. But that same title leads, or can lead in several directions, which is what dawned on me as I not only witnessed ‘live’ the spectacle that was this year’s 2nd Annual Streamy Awards…but also the many reactions coming from many places, with the many, many associated implications for a fledgling, emerging industry.

The ramifications of what took place are truly substantial, and truly compelling on a multitude of levels. [If you’ve missed the gruesome details, see them > here.] But that is not the point of this post, nor is it really to rant further on ‘what happened’, or ‘who the hell caused this?’, or whatever.

No, instead I will bring this back around not to the entire title of Part I, but the first words of this posting: Social Media.

For, in one sense, the “Social Media” aspect may be the MOST fascinating element, as a backdrop, to the entire scenario of events that took place that night. Or…was it lack thereof…a LACK of “social” media? Or social interaction? Or even social understanding?

The Streamy Awards were held for what may be, one of the most tech-savvy, sophisticated, trend-setting crowds on this planet, outside of perhaps Silicon Valley [or Alley, for our NYC friends.]

And yet…with all of the Tweets/Blogs/Facebook posts/IM’s/Emails/Text Msgs/Vlogs/Voice-Mails and Web Conferencing sessions…never has there EVER been a ‘disconnect’ as great as this one, between an ENTIRE industry…and those holding the Awards Show FOR that industry. None.

The expectations of this industry for its Awards Show as it turns out, were ENTIRELY different than the concept realized for the Show that they actually received. The disconnect was horrifyingly evident on site, for those of us in attendance.

How is it then, that members from within this very community, could have such a different understanding? One that was so wide, yet also one that was not indicated, hinted at, learned of…or even really disclosed? Even with all of the above Social Media Communication Tools? Can that question EVER be answered?

What is the lesson here then about Social Media? So much communication, so many tools…so little effect? Or is it just that understanding is still something that is not always conveyed easily? I am massively, overwhelmingly struck by the irony; maybe moreso because I was there…and know many of the players involved.

In the end, an entire industry, the WebTV/Webisode/Web Short-Form Content Industry, has been dealt a hardy blow, in a way that is overwhelming, heartbreaking, solidifying, and one day hopefully…energizing.

Where does all of this lead? What about the feelings of the courageous, early-in Sponsors? Just that angle alone, as we focus here on the Sales side of life, becomes now highly interesting…and perhaps even more challenging. I am only on the periphery [if even that] of this emerging, fantastic, dynamic…and formidable…industry. Others will answer the question of where this leads, and what comes next.

One Streamy winner wrote [back] to me, “But I think we can learn from this.” I think ‘we’, or ‘they’, as an industry can.

I just don’t think, down in my heart, coursing through my bones, that they as industry, WANTED to do that.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on April 14, 2010.

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