Bloomberg: Toyota Loyalty Slipping

In a Bloomberg piece, entitled, ‘Americans Saying ‘No’ to Toyota; Ford Most Popular’, they talk about vanishing loyalty among US buyers. See it here: MoM[S] discussed the possiblity of this in a 2/12/20 Blog post, here:

No one knows how this plays out from here. Clearly damage is done. At some point, Toyota is a world-class company, and even if they get ‘shaken to their core’ [words I used], they will definitely fix their problems.

My worry then becomes: what next? Sales are down; who’s at fault? The easy “victim” becomes their Ad agency, Saatchi, who if anything, would indeed be a victim…of their own succes. They articulated & distributed the VERY successful Brand messages, themes & concepts that helped Toyota spread the message that landed them in the #1 spot in the US.

Yet…they will likely take A hit…or THE hit. Speculation, as there is still much to do, so we’ll see. I hope they fix their issues, I hope their customers are now safe, I hope that the good work of Saatchi is allowed to now come back around…and do its work again.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on March 24, 2010.

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