Keep It Real, Sell It Real…

I am finding that my current state of thought on the Selling Process, is at this moment very much about ‘Keeping It Real’. With all of the noise out there these days, invading our brains from every conceivable marketing angle and channel, there is something appealing about a simple, direct, straightforward approach. I believe it can also be a very powerful, appealing approach.

Done with conviction, simply stating to someone who you are, what you offer, and either what you are selling or the contact person you are trying for, will almost catch people off guard in a way. And it’s so non-threatening, I have found it can create its own vacuum force, wherein people want to fill the void, by helping you out [to get the contact person you need, hear your pitch, buy your product.]

Now, here’s the deal: many other Sales pros will laugh at my approach here. I hope so. I also hope that I compete against them [and/or their Sales teams, directly.] I’ll take that challenge any day, every week. Because for someone as myself, while a very direct, simple approach as this may not work every time [i.e. because I may not be in the market for those products at that time], it is likely that that is the person I would call back FIRST, not the one spouting on in couched terms that just sounds contrived. Red Flag City, for me.

Your other problem: As I’ve written before, those above you may also not approve. I have confounded exec’s several levels above me many times, and then felt the wrath when, instead of focusing on results [kind of what we all thought was the priority in a Sales organization], they focused instead on my achieving results despite their asserting otherwise, which apparently can miff those so disposed.

[Note: It is not the desire to instill such a situation here; that is not is what is being posited. But you ARE there to sell, and those that aren’t savvy enough of executives to allow varying ways to achieve ethical, positive, profitable results, are ones that have no business BEING executives in my book. Period. If they are, fine…I just hope to avoid working for them at any future point in time.]

So…tread carefully, or find an organization that can handle results from people that KNOW what they are doing. You~!

Under the theme of ‘Keep It Real’, I am also proud to announce that this week, MoM[S] is launching its ‘Keep It Real’ Series. Among other things will be Links to articles deemed to do just that, along with our first-ever installation in the MoM[S] ‘Keep It Real’ Sales Interview Series, where we will present ‘Keep It Real’ guests from around the Sales universe.

We are further pleased to announce our Inaugural Guest will be Amy L. Phoenix, head of A.L. Phoenix, a former Media Sales executive, and current Sales/Marketing Consultant, Teacher and Sales Course Leader.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on March 1, 2010.

One Response to “Keep It Real, Sell It Real…”

  1. Very pertinent information and, sadly enough, also very truthful. Let’s keep our eye on the ball, and as Mr. Nicholas says…’tread carefully’

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