Kia Campaign Reaches Across Digital Mags via Zinio – MediaBuyerPlanner

It was only a matter of time before Zinio, the sharp provider of online versions of “Print” magazines, was able to incorporate & assemble their audience into an aggregated Ad Network of its own devising. That happened here, with Kia. I like it.

Kia Campaign Reaches across Dozens of Digital Mags via Zinio – MediaBuyerPlanner.

The trend implied here, is one only starting. While the magazine ‘viewing’ software has been out there for about a year, and some experiments with ID-recognition on print pages have worked well in Wired & others, the momentum begins here now, in my view.

When you couple this with what’s on the way in terms of interactivity with magazines and their “pages” online, a whole new paradigm of Ads, Branding & Metrics is in store for this product. Something as [or even more cool] will be going on very soon with Amazon’s Kindle, Sony’s E-Reader, and of course, the iPad. Exciting to watch.

On a Sales note, it will also be interesting to see if “package” deals will be done on these going forward; i.e. where the Zinio ‘option’ is offered in combo with the print product. Naturally, the separate Sales teams may not approve, and likely Zinio will want to keep their Rev-Share deal set, run its Network, and keep the publisher’s teams out of these. I would, I think.

Congrat’s to the innovative folks at Initiative Media [and their client for signing off on this.]

I guess my only parting question: As this was an online ‘Page’ buy…did this come from the Online budget as a ‘Print Page’, or the Print budget as an ‘Online Page’?

In the end, it kind of doesn’t matter; Zinio made the deal happen regardless.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on February 23, 2010.

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