My Social Media Taken Sideways

It has come to a point for MoM[S], that separation of his musings on MediaSales versus Social Media as a general topic, now makes sense. It was the same realization process as was ultimately discussed by Tamar Weinberg in a recent, heavily-discussed post on Techipedia for having two Twitter profiles, which yours truly had already for similar reasons as hers.

This has come about for a couple of reasons, but a key point at the outset: I am not implying that these subjects ARE separate [in fact, quite the opposite], but merely that I am going to write about different phases of them for divergent audiences. In fact, my outlet for Social Media will likely be shorter, quicker posts as you’ll see below, with my long-form writings staying on MediaSales.

The inflecting point, as it often does, came about by accident. In my own arduous Job search, I wrote about a process for using Social Media in your job search, that got wider exposure than I ever imagined when writing it. And it GOT that exposure [as it also opened my eyes], by the reaction/interest among the many people just now [barely] getting exposed to Social Media. Barely exposed, let alone what it is, how to use it, what it means to their future Careers.

So, if it somehow helps those in that situation, as myself, then that is what I want to write for. There are many visionaries who are out on the leading edge [Brian Solis, Seth Godin, Chris Brogan, David Armano, Kara Swisher, Dan Schawbel, Tamar Weinberg, et al], but there is a HUGE disparity I’ve seen, and so the writings/seminars of these great people, does not seem to make it out to the 60% [est.] of people who barely have even heard of Twitter. Not to say mine will, but my visibility is also not where theirs is.

Ironically, in doing so, I am now also planted firmly in all 3 blogging areas: Micro-, Mini-, Max-. Translated, those are, Twitter, Tumblr/ Posterous/TypePad Micro, and this blog on WordPress. But more, in branching out, I chose to use an old broadcast technique for Media buying from TV & Radio, called ‘roadblocking.’ [You are reading about this, now, on a blog about MediaSales, after all!]

I chose to ‘roadblock’ [a technique where you essentially buy out all available times or ad spots, so your competitors do not get their message in at the same time as yours; i.e. ‘blocking’ them out] when I was looking at the 3 options to do shorter, quick posts as discussed here. And when it came down to it, rather than choose ONE of those three options, I knew that I had to choose, in fact, ALL THREE. Otherwise, someone could take that Profile name on the remaining others, and I would be less than thrilled.

While there will of course be some crossover, you can now find my musings on Social Media, on Tumblr, Posterous and TypePad Micro, at:


Thanks for reading!


~ by MindOnMediaSales on February 21, 2010.

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