Revenues: New Equilibrium, New Model for [New] Media Companies

NewMediaBrands vs. TradMediaBrands
It is ironic that this Blog post was inspired by a recent Tweet that your author of MoM[S] himself issued, almost by accident. Ironic…why? Ironic because of the Media “model” haltingly in place that allowed it to occur: Tweets on Twitter, Blog posts appearing on WordPress, links onto Facebook, viral swirl by FeedBurner, Alltop, Scribd, SEO, etc…and ironic because of the state of the traditional ‘paid’ Media, with its associated Revenue models, which are being sorely tested, or really, ‘adjusted’ at the moment.

The particular Tweet mentioned above duly noted some of the Web properties that are now nearly ubiquitous, and are that way in part, nearly…for FREE. They are also in part, and in more than one case, sitting on top of other Media firms that are themselves sitting on huge legacies…as in huge ‘legacy’ Fixed costs [among other legacy types, such as, oh, you know, valued long-term Employees, things like that.]

Who are the players here? Easy: Twitter is all over CNN. Facebook is all over Fox News. LinkedIN is now a career-networking staple, mentioned here, there & everywhere between. MySpace is even plugged still, by nearly every major musician around the globe. This very blog is part of a huge network disseminated by WordPress [thanks for reading, btw!]

Even more, just in the last day or so, I ALSO saw logo’s for Facebook, and then Twitter, on the back of a weekly [printed] Flyer by a major Drugstore chain, AND the cup of a reg’l Fast food chain. Incredible. [Neither had a TM or Copyright sign for FB or Twitter shown that I could find, but maybe that’s a different issue?]

On into 2010, FourSquare is all the rage, and soon to be everywhere, brought to you by everyone. Again, for free.

And that is THE conundrum, a conundrum. All of those properties; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, WordPress, FourSquare & others are growing audiences in the multi-millions, paying literally almost nothing in Mktg to do so, and then getting even more exposure from these ‘legacy’ Media companies that are already hemorrhaging. All of this, while some of these upstarts already have larger audiences in some cases!

What TV Network wouldn’t like to have 400M Unique Visitor’s…MONTHLY? [Obviously that is not US only, but even 100M would be unheard-of, past-Super Bowl-type-audience numbers.]

Article on 'Legacy' Issue of TradMedia

I am not the only one thinking along these lines, of course; even as I was putting final touches on this post, an article at AdWeek from Jim Spanfeller echoes parts of this same scenario, which you can read more on > here.

From last week, comes a column out of USA Today, entitled, “Olympic sponsors reach out through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.” Of those three, sure, some of that exposure might be paid. Could be. But ALL of it? Not at ALL likely.

Where is all of this headed? That ‘adjustment’ alluded to above, will in some form take place. Is already taking place. The hated ‘Paywall’ that is being attempted now late in the game on the Print side, is an example. More ‘adjustment’ is not only likely, but inevitable. Revenue is revenue: on the Sales side we just need to make sure we are facilitating its movement, when & where we can.

This Blog post partly recognizes the capturing of a key tenet in the living, breathing thought process of MoM[S] himself, by friend, former Social Media colleague and now Digital superstar at Edelman, Siobhan O’Neill. It is thus dedicated in part to her. She recently distilled in her own recent Tweet the essence of profound thought for her as occurring predominantly either ‘in airports, or on the freeway’. Right Brain, Random & Relevant, indeed. And I know that feeling well, as that “tangential” thought process led directly, [i.e. by accident], to this very Blog posting, which started from that one, random Tweet. Thanks, Siobhan…!
[All Rights are reserved by their owners. That is not I, though in some cases above I do wish it were.]


~ by MindOnMediaSales on February 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Revenues: New Equilibrium, New Model for [New] Media Companies”

  1. Ken, this is exactly the sort of stuff I hope to inspire in people. I confess, I don’t always have the most inspiring countenance; you’ve witnessed that.

    PS, I am no social media superstar. I’m just an avid fan, bringing my fandom to brands that want to understand it.

    • You obviously inspired at least one person here, Siobhan, so the effort paid off in this case. And, I’m sorry, but you have been overruled: the ‘Superstar’ assignation is not being removed from the post! It stays right where it is….~MoM[S]

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