National Newspapers Ink Deals for Hyper-Local Neighborhood Pages – MediaBuyerPlanner

It is interesting to me, that with the deep archives they each possess, and the knowledge that there is and has always been very high interest by consumers/readers in News down to the Local level [as stated again in the article here from MBP], that the large Newspaper publishing firms needed an outside vendor to aggregate Local content for them. Apparently they do, and Outside.In is the firm that will do it for many of them.

via National Newspapers Ink Deals for Hyper-Local Neighborhood Pages – MediaBuyerPlanner.

Don’t get me wrong; Outside.In is a serious player, obviously, with serious infrastructure. But unlike any old standard acquisition, the Newspaper firms OWN much or all of the content that Outside.In aggregates for them.

It is ironic that those same newspapers outsourced a model for serving up their own content, from their own archives, of which they paid for both. Talk about giving away the franchise! Seems like they should have been able to do this themselves, and didn’t. [One noted publisher absent here: Gannett. They love to often explore new avenues, and have their hands in all sorts of other ventures. Are they signing on also, or developing their own product here?]

My point is, if the Newspaper firms are so upset at the ‘poaching’ of their revenues [my word for it, not theirs] from the Search firms serving up their content & monetizing from it…how is a rev-share with Outside.In really that different, when they should have developed this on their own? [SFGate is comparable in my mind, and a great product.]

From a Sales standpoint, I guess it is good that at least the Newspapers inked these deals FIRST, as I would think other ‘local’ players such as, SuperPages and maybe even a CitySearch or a Yelp-type firm, would have jumped at such a chance. Which would have lost them even more revenue.

There may be other reasons for these partnerships that are not public, to be fair. True. For how vocal they have been about the Search sites out there, I hope so.

As for Outside.In, congrat’s on the product and for winning the biz. You deserve it.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on February 11, 2010.

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