Part 3: Onward, Using Social Media Tools in Your Job Search

There were some delays due to travel & other factors, but I heard back from the head of the company that I had started the interview process described in this series of Blog posts, on developing & utilizing a Social Media Tools strategy as part of my New Career Search. [For more, see Parts I > here & II > here.]

The result: Let’s just say the positive news is that I have a new set of Tools in my arsenal, with which to continue my process of looking at Oppty’s. Welcome to 2010.

While I did not get selected, oddly enough, I also did not exactly get NOT selected, either. Instead, a wild card: they essentially outsourced their Sales function. They hired basically what amounts to a Rep firm to handle the effort for them. As I am looking for a spot to get hired, obviously this was tough news. Not expected news, either.

I must admit that I also found this a bit odd, as clearly that was never brought up as an option [not that it was required of them to do so.] But it means I never had to ‘justify’ my expertise against that option. And because of that, I now have two schools of thought on the matter, at the same time: On the one hand, neither I [nor anyone else apparently] made a case in their mind that they would deliver for this firm.

But it ALSO says that, because it was never brought up, that there was something internally that caused them to turn in such a direction. And for THAT reason…maybe it’s not so bad that I did not sign on. At least for now.

For, like Insider Buying [or Selling] by the executives at any company…no one really knows the firm better than they do. So the fact that they would not discuss this as an option to ‘defend’ against, means perhaps they knew something. Those “big deals” with the Global brands that they talked about having just closed? Who knows now.

Something more…like maybe they felt they did not have the internal strength with their product, to either lead, build or justify sales of their product to a successful level. Strong medicine? Time will tell. And maybe TIMING will tell, and I will end up there 9 months down the line, even with the factors just outlined. Could easily happen. And I’ll drive revenue for them then…as now.

Now, any one lost oppt’y is tough, but needs to be kept in context. [Way easier said than done, to be sure.] And I don’t think that any of this is sour grapes on my part, either, as I don’t name the firm, and I’m basically having a dialogue about the situation, from all angles, really.

But as this situation passes on, what I learned here amounts to my developing a Social Media Tools + Job Search Strategy that form a new basis for me to work from, and will last a lifetime. Good luck to that firm…to others also In The Search…and to myself.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on February 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Part 3: Onward, Using Social Media Tools in Your Job Search”

  1. Ken, I am sorry to hear that this opportunity did not work out the way that you had hoped, but really like your positive attitude. I’m going through some training now and one key point from last week’s session is to see the gift in any obstacle. It sounds like you are definitely doing that so kudos to you.

    I wish you success in your search and look forward to staying in touch.

    Best regards,

    Colleen Bruemmer
    Twitter: cbruemmer

    • Thanks for your kind words, Colleen. I am actually not sorry [if I was, I probably wouldn’t have written such a detailed account of what happened!] But even as I said the first Post about this: A> I didn’t know if this was going to actually get me this or any one single, job, and B> the tool ITSELF is what is most important here. And…the tool worked far beyond what I would have hoped:
      1] It helped me find a company I had never heard of.
      2] Gave me ‘instant credibility’ in their hiring process.
      3] That credibility started at, not concluded with, my interviewing at the CEO level.
      Not too many tools out there like that, esp. ones that do not cost thousands to learn about them.
      Thanks again, Ken

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