Seminar Deck for PSM/Pink Slip Mixers + Part 2 of: A Twitter Job Search Twist

[Note: This post hereby recognizes the tireless efforts of Edwin Duterte, Founder & Host of PinkSlipMixer networking events, now taking place nationwide to support those currently ‘in transition’, and is dedicated to him. You are an inspiration to many, Edwin.]
There is both a follow-up and an aftermath, to the Social Media job search story/technique that I shared in the original Blog posting on this topic, entitled “A Twitter Job Search Twist”.

That job search saga was outlined here on MoM[S] of course, and as a Guest post on ‘WIndMill Networking‘, by Neal Schaffer. The saga continues here along with another crucial lesson learned, one that I’d also like to briefly discuss.

First though, I was invited to share this experience, in order that it may ideally be of help as a “Real-Life example” to others as myself that are ‘in transition’, at this week’s PinkSlipMixers event, in Pasadena, CA. I am happy to put the 8-page Deck that I prepared on display here, as shown at that seminar…

The “continuing” [or aftermath] part of the story is easy: I had the phone interview with the firm CEO, and am now set to speak with others on his team. [From a Sales perspective, look at the position this places me in, having started from the ‘Top Down’ point, or the Decision-Maker Level. A whole different game.] So, while I don’t [yet] have the job, I am seriously in process, again, with a firm that: I did not know existed, I had never heard of prior, and has the exact level of Sales position I am looking for. I have no real downside, as they were not on my radar previously. And if I get the gig, the effort was all UPSIDE!

As for the follow-up, or add-on part, I realized later that I did not really think my own idea fully through, and carry it to its next logical step. [Maybe had I attended Neal Schaffer’s seminars on this subject, I would not have been remiss here!] And worse, I almost realized it too late…as I was preparing for ANOTHER interview…with the CEO of ANOTHER company!

Luckily, I caught it: My Blog story above talks about a ‘New’ firm that found me on Twitter. What I almost missed was the ones that were ALREADY following me on Twitter! Some of us have hundreds or thousands of ‘Followers’ going back many months. In my case, this firm had a Parent name of the company, and a Brand name for other parts of what they did. And so, almost at the last-minute the night before I met that CEO, I happened to see a Tweet…from the Brand property that had already been following me on Twitter. I had not thought to check this, for either the Parent OR the Brand site. Almost a careless mistake.

But I DID catch it, and used it as before: a Conversation Starter, a Point of Reference…and Relevance. And luckily, I am happy to say…my dialogue with THAT CEO also continues.

For all of us ‘in transition’, it really is about finding the path back into work. These are tools to that end, with no guarantees, and I can only hope that they help myself, and the many others I know & have met out there, at places like PinkSlipMixers.

Good Luck, Good Selling & Best in Your Search….


~ by MindOnMediaSales on January 29, 2010.

6 Responses to “Seminar Deck for PSM/Pink Slip Mixers + Part 2 of: A Twitter Job Search Twist”

  1. As an update to our early Thought Leader pieces on this subject, nice to see a great new article on Mashable, discussing this important topic. See Joshua Waldman’s great work here –

  2. Thanks to all of you for weighing in here with comments. I am honored. Since this a blog about Media Sales, my next series of postings will be on the next logical step that would follow in this process for those on the Sales side; i.e. exploring the ways or ability to use these same Social Media tools after your Job search…in your Sales cycle at your new company. Can it be done & how? Look for those early next week.

  3. Ken, this is an excellent post and blog, especially for people like me in the older generation who are trying (my best) to understand and make use of social networking tools such as Twitter. Great Info,


  4. Ken,

    Thanks for this great story and for including my name in your slides as well. It is gratifying to see that Twitter can be used as a tool to assist with a job search. This is what I have been communicating to people out here in Cleveland using your story as an example. Good luck with the opportunities and please keep us all posted.

  5. Ken,

    Excellent post…thanks for mentioning me but most of all for sharing your experience with everyone! Twitter is tricky, and it really mystifies people, but you have caught the essence of it. You mentioned conversation starters, points of reference…as we are both sales executives we understand how valuable all of this data can be once we spend time to put them together. Twitter is only one of many tools, but as you show, it can be powerfuil. I have found Twitter to be equally as powerful…hopefully your getting hired will prove us right! Hang in there…and keep us posted!


  6. […] Seminar Deck for PSM + Part 2 of: A Twitter Job Search Twist …18 minutes ago by MindOnMediaSales  That job search saga was outlined here on MoM[S] of course, and as a Guest post on 'WIndMill Networking', by Neal Schaffer. The saga continues here along with another crucial lesson learned, one that I'd also like to briefly discuss. … […]

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