A Twitter Job Search Twist

[This Post is dedicated to Neal Schaffer, visionary leader of SoCal Sushi Lunch events & social media expert/author of Windmill Networking.]

Almost by accident recently, I came across [yet] another way to utilize Twitter, one that I personally had not seen or heard of anywhere else until I inadvertently, well, used it. The technique is actually quite simple, can create new Interview/Job Lead oppty’s for each of us, AND demonstrate your expertise in the Career area you are pursuing…all at the same time. Really.

How? Over the holidays, I did a Tweet about a certain topic in the field I am in [and hope to find my next job in], Media Sales. In so doing, a firm that I had never heard of apparently does an ongoing ‘Auto-Search’ for keywords on Twitter that were exactly on the topic I had written about, and a day or so later, they started to Follow me.

Curious [as I had never heard of this firm], I clicked from the Notify email that they were now following me, through to their Website. Obviously, they were following me for a reason [the Tweet on that topic], so why not check them out? I did…and then clicked their ‘Careers’ button.

It turns out, this firm that I had never heard of…that found me from a Tweet that I had done…had a job opening; a Sales spot at the exact level I was looking for.

So, I of course applied. But I wasn’t done. I then went to LinkedIn [here is where I thank Neal Schaffer for his tireless evangelizing], found the C-Level person that I needed to find, sent HIM a note, and told him that I had applied, and they basically would be crazy not to look at me…since they were already following ME on Twitter! The logic works: they can’t question your expertise [they searched by keywords that YOU used], and can’t question your relevance [they are following YOU on Twitter.]

And, in my case on the Sales side, they can’t question my Sales skills, as my effort describes here, including asking the C-Level guy ‘for the order’; in this case, an interview.

Does this work? Well, I created a Job Lead from a company I had never heard of. And I have the first phone interview with them next week. I’ll take it! As I am my own Sales Mgr here, I am adding this to my own sales Career ‘pipeline’.
This is just one more example of how Social Media is & will be used, that could never have been predicted, or really created, in any other way. If you want to find out more about how I did this, get in touch~! Good Luck & Good Selling.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on January 8, 2010.

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