N.Y.E. 2010 Media Melange

Like Halloween now, it seems that more & more New Years Eve-themed media ‘events’ are springing up, and coming into their own genre. Sounds good to me. Who doesn’t want to celebrate [especially when trying to forget a difficult year like 2009 was for so many]…?

With this, I cannot pass up a couple of observations from the ‘Eve just passed:

  • On network TV alone, I counted 3 different NYE specials.
  • Of those, the ‘Billboard Live’ version was totally unwatchable. Just awful, even with Carmen Electra as host! So, after four minutes…I could not watch anymore. From a music-based company [that used to even own a club here on the Sunset Strip], hopefully they can step up their game going forward.
  • The overall ‘Brand’ winner of the night? NIVEA. Without a doubt. While they were sponsors of Carson Daly over on NBC, they essentially got a “Two-for-One” deal, as their distinctive blue ‘Nivea New Years’ hats also showed up on ABC, in Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve event. It was very clear during the J.Lo performance, that ABC’s camera team were doing their best to phase out the NIVEA hats/logos that were everywhere in their audience. Brilliant sponsorship work, NIVEA. Not sure what the total specifics of your Media deal were, but that was some cost-effective promo on your part…!
  • On the Radio side, I caught some of NPR’s ‘Toast of the Nation’ music collage. While they had just some smokin’ music sessions from Greenwich Village/NYC, Minneapolis, New Orleans & other places…their packaging was also awful. Some very choppy edits, awkward dialogue, and sliced music segues made for some rough listening at certain spots. That is…while the music was not setting the night on fire, anyway!
  • Last, I would have stayed away from Mr Tiger Woods & his troubles at this point, but as it was announced on NYE that another major sponsor, AT&T, was dropping their support of him, the timing is relevant. All of the other moral/family/societal issues aside, the [other] clear loser in this situation…and perhaps the person responsible for steering the young guy away from trouble…is his agent, Mark Steinberg. He had to know what Tiger was up to. If he didn’t, he should be gone. Either way, he is a party here, as with his 5%-%15 commission on the Media deals done that are now dwindling in support of Tiger, he loses big. Millions big, in the years to come. Steinberg no doubt got these deals, sold these deals…and now lost them. Didn’t KEEP them sold. Of course he could not directly control Tiger here, but this episode is so over the top, that some level of intervention by him was warranted, in my opinion, for a lot of reasons.

  • Onward into 2010. May all of us on the Sales side, whether Selling or Managing, have a great & prosperous year!


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    1. Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe!🙂. I’ll go and read some more!

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