End of Days at E&P [Editor & Publisher Magazine]

I guess there would be few tougher spots in late-2009, than being a printed Magazine publication that writes exclusively about the ‘Biz’ side of the Newspaper industry. One is only hurting more than the other regrettably where these two are concerned.

With that, we hear of the demise of Editor&Publisher [most recently put out by Neilsen], which is shuttering it, and also divesting the rest of their Trade pub group.

E&P was long a go-to source for all things Newspaper, everything from who the new Publisher was at any given paper, to new trends in Press technology, to the latest in NIE programs [Newspapers in Education.] It was a great source of info, on a number of levels. Sorry to see it go.

Clearly even the very concept of what a ‘Newspaper’ is anymore, is changing rapidly. Soon it will be anachronistic to think of how a Newspaper as it is now. Aside from its current economic model of ‘Putting Ink on Dead Trees & Delivered by Truck Every Day’ that is being shaken to its core, there is the relentless course of technology innovation, such as Amazon’s Kindle and others.

I will predict here [as others may also have] that the term “Newspaper” will soon refer more to the newsgathering, researching and reporting process, than its printed product. Much as the terms “xerox” or “Insertion Order” are now more a symbol than the actual items they denote, so too that will be what the term “Newspaper” becomes. With that, the concept becomes ‘product-agnostic’, if you will, and refers in a larger sense to the process and its published aftermath, whatever medium it happens to be in.
Shifting gears slightly, Selling changes & evolves as well: It is ironic that I often sell to people via Email contact, and much less by phone anymore. I often set in-person meetings that way, too; never even actually speak to the person until the day I arrive at their office, or at lunch.

So on the Sales side, ‘Contact-Agnostic’ might be a way of thinking of this process in direct terms, analogous to the newspaper reference above. That is, Selling towards an end result, without it mattering what method of contact you use to achieve it. Many Sales Execs may take issue with this, even if we are already doing so without thinking of it this way.

That doesn’t mean it will go away, or lessen itself in any way. And it doesn’t mean you are expending less of an effort to sell. It is just changing the way the effort is applied.
We on the Sales side as always, must remain fluid in our approach. Or ‘agnostic’ in this case.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on December 14, 2009.

One Response to “End of Days at E&P [Editor & Publisher Magazine]”

  1. MoM[S] Update: As of 1/15/10, it was announced that a NEW buyer has acquired rights to publish E&P. Congrat’s to you, Duncan McIntosh Co. [Kind of wish you would have left the Editor in place, but ‘biz is biz’, I guess.] Read it here: http://bit.ly/7PMgj9

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