MoM[S] Notes from the Show Floor: LA AutoShow 2009

As I have been fortunate to do since 2001, I attended MediaDays in downtown LA, which are the press previews for the LA Auto Show. These were started in a slightly frenzied manner [though not really hobbled as you would have expected], with the last-minute stand in for Fritz Henderson, who became ex-CEO of GM the day before, by Bob Lutz. Mr Lutz had of course done the Keynote before in LA, and handled himself well. He even handled the incredibly tacky questions asked about Mr Henderson’s abrupt…uhh, “departure”…of the very day before. As if anyone actually thought he would actually give [or have] actual answers to those lame questions. Spare us.

There are many covering this event far better than I, but some noteworthy items that I nonetheless observed are:

  • Chrysler had a HUGE Booth Space.
  • Lexus had a HUGE Booth Space.
  • ~~Neither had a Press Conference that I could find. This despite Lexus, anyway, having the *hot* LF Concept on display.
  • More:

  • From my previous Post on this show, apparently Nissan/Infiniti were NOT at this show, either…though I did see Infiniti listed with a Press event for the M…?
  • SCION was cool, showing only Aftermarket-modified vehicles. Being a “Drum” guy as I am, I dug the ‘Mobile DJ’ rig. A LOT.
  • I saw, and touched, an actual version of the Chevy VOLT. We can only hope GM hits its production targets on this next year!
  • More:

  • The Cadillac Converj Concept [EREV-Electric Vehicle] was incredible. Talk about ‘Stunning Creative’…! This vehicle design visually rocks.
  • The new Acura ZDX however, borrows too heavily from the BMW X6 Crossover. WAY too heavily.
  • Two Biggest Design Influencers:

  • This award, without a doubt, goes to 2 separate companies, whose Design elements are now nearly omnipresent: First is LandRover, with their side-fender ‘Engine Chutes’, that allow for added ventilation. Everybody from Hyundai to Mercury to Cad to…LandRover…now has these.
  • Second here is definitely Audi, with their LED ‘Mini-String’ Lights, that ring the headlights, as well as Fog lights, side lights, and all other lights on nearly every car I think I have seen this year. Or so it seems.
  • ~~~

    Another great year of the world’s best vehicles on display. I hope you get to this Show, or another one near you to check them out for yourself.


    ~ by MindOnMediaSales on December 9, 2009.

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