NewsCorp News Aims: Forbes First, NYT Next…

In publishing a general-interest, sophisticated Newspaper product, kudos go to… NewsCorp. Not for the NY Post of course, but for The Wall Street Journal. That “The Journal” also happens to be the nation’s ‘paper of record’ for the world of business, especially Wall Street’s business, spells double trouble in the immediate future for entities like Forbes Media and the New York Times Co in my book. Others too, no doubt.

These two come to mind before others after seeing this weekend’s Weekend Journal, of 12/5/09. It is noteworthy journalism, on a number of levels. I mention Forbes here first because of two key items in this edition: First, there is longtime Forbes columnist, James Grant, writing a detailed, section-cover article on the future of the Dollar. Has he left Forbes with the recent cuts? Looks like it.

Second, the included Glossy ‘WSJ’ magazine, with its “Artisan Issue” title+focus, looks for all purposes like the territory long pursued by ForbesLife, Forbes Woman and others by them, all rolled into one. With Forbes having financial difficulties like so many others right now, having strong products like WSJ now also in the competitive mix is not a welcome development, I’m sure. [Note: Your Blog author spent a short time at a previous Forbes web property, now shut down.]

Where NYT is concerned, the extensive coverage from multiple angles on GM in replacing their CEO, the crazy story about the guy that lost $127M in Las Vegas last year, and the Op-Ed piece by [de facto, if not actual] Democrat Joe Lieberman on the Public Option component of the pending Healthcare legislation…are all hallmark types of reporting one would expect to see in the NYT. Maybe they also are, but seeing them here, in excellent versions, on the weekend no less, is the problem for NYT.

While I have railed in several places about the typo’s that have become common in the WSJ in recent months since it was bought by NewsCorp [something that in my mind is just not becoming a publication of such stature] this weekend’s Weekend Edition made me nearly forget about all of that. It is excellence defined in my opinion, in nearly every way [haven’t checked it for typo’s yet!~]

Granted, this is just one weekends’ worth of issues, vs. decades of product by the other two. But the mere fact that NewsCorp is pulling this off now, means it is HIGHLY likely they will be doing so again in the future. I think given Rupert Murdoch’s history of determinism, that is a given.

On the Sales side, smart, short, well-chosen & varied articles as offered here by WSJ and other pub’s as I’ve seen recently, such as the SF Examiner [yes, the SF Examiner!] are where growth & opportunity are going to lie for those selling in the Print or Newspaper space. That is where YOU need to be if so.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on December 7, 2009.

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  1. From MediaBuyerPlanner, apparently ‘WSJ’ is indeed doing well: utm_source=mbp&utm_medium=email&utm_ content=textlink&utm_campaign=newsletter

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