Gig2009: A Marathon…And a Sprint

…the Job Search, that is. 2009 is a year many will be glad ends soon; for those ‘in transition’ [myself included], this is probably the most true. I have filed this Post under ‘Things No One Tells You’, for good reason, as these are my kind of unspoken nuggets of the moment. My observations then [some of them anyway] on the new Career Front that is 2009 follow, in no particular order:

  • No matter what the people interviewing say while you are with them…if you send an email ‘Thank You’ note, and they do not confirm/respond, fairly quickly, within 24 hours, you are Done. Out. Over. Period. It does not matter ‘how great it went’, or ‘they said I was a great fit’, etc. And it does not mean that the situation cannot get hot again a week/month down the line. Until then, Move On. Why? Because, unconsciously, it’s a scarcity mentality: if they think you are THE person for them…they won’t want to lose you. So they’ll stay in touch within that 24 hours, for sure. Consider this a Litmus Test to Keep Your Sanity By.
  • There are many with great Career Advice out there right now, adapted in late-2009 to the many poor souls that are out there looking for a “new opportunity” right now. Unfortunately…this info is kind of like new Investment theories on Wall Street: As soon as they get wide exposure and everybody can use them, their value diminishes, and fast. By the time I have tried what I deem as really great approaches, those on the Hiring side seem to already have digested these, and swatted them aside. So, the level playing field returns.
  • That does not make any of these ideas bad, and does not mean that they don’t have value, or won’t work at all. What it REALLY shows, is how high the bar has been raised, and how goofy the market has gotten. Now, despite these items, a week/month down the line, you still might get The Call. If so, take it & run!

So what to do? Well, if the level playing field returns equilibrium on the other side, then maybe that also applies to your side. So a return to basics includes: Diligently pursuing leads/jobs/Job Board postings in your field, AND out of your field. [Having a Plan B only helps you.] Follow protocol with the good Recruiters that may help you. Let the gimmicks & strategies go. Build your Network consistently & diligently. As others have said, consider this your ‘New Job.’ For us on the Sales side, consider it your newest Sales project…Selling You.

Good Luck to All Out There!


~ by MindOnMediaSales on October 30, 2009.

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