VW + Deutsch = Perfect Pair?

Nice work, Deutsch/LA, in landing a nice Car account. It is as simple as that.

While I personally saw nothing wrong with the work being done for VW recently, after an agency review, Volkswagen Motors moved AOR/Creative duties to Deutsch/LA today, per AutoNews > here. [Media is not specifically mentioned, so there may still be some question as to whether Beyond Interactive has kept that part of the account.]

Although Deutsch was not able to keep all of their team on hand after the wrenching loss of the Saturn biz, they still have the talent & internal history worthy of this great car brand, in my view. True, Deutsch is part of one of the conglom’s, the holding company IPG, but from my work with them, they seem to have managed to keep some amount of autonomy, some sense of Donny Deutsch’s identity for the shop.

There’s that element…and the fact of their having worked on a number of other Car accounts; Mitsu, parts of GM, and Saturn. So, they are well equipped to work with [and are well aware of the realities of] an OEM car client, key parts of which include not only distinct Brand creative, but also the ability to parse that creative into chunks usable on a field level, coordinating work across all Regions / DAs, and the constant grind of model launches & Sales events. And…if that wasn’t enough…all of those wheels must churn at once, in sync, and on time. Not easy stuff.

Deutsch can do it. Congrat’s.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on October 23, 2009.

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