Up, Up & Hyundai…

Not sure what planet the point of view for this CNNMoney.com article was gleaned from, on the Korean autos brand Hyundai, also makers of Kia Motors vehicles worldwide. This diligent, aggressive autos group has been poised for several years, to become ‘Top of List’ on the world stage for car buyers. Having worked directly with both Hyundai & Kia in several phases of their Ad/Media budgets from the Sales side, this has been obvious for a while. See it > here.

Their vehicle quality has steadily improved from Yugo-levels, to JDPower Award-winners, over the course of a decade, vastly improving with it, their sales potential.

Why I would then see the comments of a VP, Jesse Toprak, from a site called CarTracker.com in this article, quoted as saying, “They’re definitely considered one of the major automakers today, which was definitely not the case this time last year,” is beyond me. Why? This statement possibly could have applied nearer to 1999, than 2009. ‘Definitely not the case last year?’ Really? They have already passed Nissan in [US] sales, and are within reach of Chrysler at this point. Who exactly is he referring to that didn’t consider them as major players? Certainly not people in the autos biz. ‘Last year’?

So, either Mr Toprak was taken out of context here [very possible]…or his statement in my mind, is not in sync with the history of this OEM. Congrat’s to Mr Zuchowski [whom I have only met in passing], having come over from Mazda, & the rest of the team there, for achieving massive success from the shifting groundwork put in place over time & multiple Mgmt iterations.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on October 21, 2009.

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