Selling On the Video Side…

The following article/discussion on issues facing the Video side of Ad Network buys [part of a continuing series on Online Video Insider by MediaPost], is excellent; short, summarized, and smart. The issues highlighted, when boiled down, are also ones directly facing those on the Media Sales side, as it those folks that will face them first with their Agency/Client partners. Authored by Eric Franchi of Undertone, see it > here.

Given the very real issues at stake, what should the Sales side be doing here? These are some thoughts:

  • Make sure, before you enter your next meeting [or speak again on the phone], where, to the best of your abilities, your own Site/Network stands on the verifiability issue. Not knowing will damage your credibility in the eyes of those you sell to.
  • Be in FRONT of this kind of dialogue, as doing so will have the opposite [and desired] effect, of adding to your credibility in your Sales situation.
  • Also, be in front of the situation, if you find any discrepancies in product/performance/placement…the minute you learn of them. Ideally you are then working to not only fix, or help to fix them internally, and also to inform your Agency/Client right away.
  • Ideally, though, your Site/Network is one that is delivering in an optimal fashion, so we go back to #2 above, and be in front of THAT as well. The disparity of performance in the industry then becomes your opportunity, and with it your right, to not only ask for more business, but to also expand your access either within the Agency, or Client, or both.
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    ~ by MindOnMediaSales on October 20, 2009.

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