Maybe I Was Too Kind…

If you by chance caught the post that I did recently on the fate of Forbes’ media empire [see it HERE again, if you like], you might note that by default it contained a fairly strong assessment on the state of Yahoo!, and its new CEO, Carol Bartz.

Perhaps I was sharp in my assessment of her [and her #12 ranking on that Forbes list, over Sheryl Sandberg, who amazingly didn’t even make the Top 100.]

And perhaps…I was not. On TechCrunch today, none other than Michael Arrington himself is calling for…Jerry Yang to return.

Read it > Here.

While I was questioning her [and by default, Forbes’ decision on her], this is a much stronger statement from Mr Arrington. My main reason in discussing both of these, is that both Yahoo! and Forbes are very important Media properties, highly visible and highly impactful for those of us that work in Media & Media Sales.

Let the sparks fly!


~ by MindOnMediaSales on September 23, 2009.

One Response to “Maybe I Was Too Kind…”

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