Autos Odyssey, Pt 2 – Selling Into Tier II

For those of us that sell [or have sold] into Tier II Autos clients, it is in many cases the most challenging “tier” of the three when it comes to Sales efforts.

From the diagram that I posted back in June [see it again below], you will observe that there are 3 key pillars [or buckets, or channels, or whatever you want to call them] to pursue.

The trick is…there is no set formula for doing this, and the order that you try with one client, in one region, for one Brand, may be totally different when you merely switch to a different region or market area. Let alone also working with another Brand along side or after that.

How best then to pursue? These tips can help in the process:::
1] Understand that even within Brands, regions, or regions within the same Brand…there is no one set ‘formula’ to follow, that will work uniformly for you.

2] Recognize what I consider to be the existing truth in one of my longtime, personal sayings on Sales: “There may be only a few along the way who can say ‘Yes’ to you…but many who can say ‘No’.” Respect that, or not, at your own peril.

3] Be a student of the differing psychologies of the players involved, and sell to them. What do I mean here? The Regional client [DSM, DOM, etc] is going to have a very different personality, than a Dealer principal. Same with a Dealer principal in a DA group, as compared to the President of that DA’s Board.

4] You also need to pay attention to, and understand, what role the Agency plays here. Do they kowtow to the DA Prez, or have real power to make the tough calls…? Know this.

5] It may seem redundant, but refer often the ‘3-Legged Stool’ diagram shown here [or create your own], and how it relates to each of your DA clients. Think about how you are approaching all 3 sides, ponder whether you need more effort on any of those, and know that the ‘profile’ you thought you had, can be gone with a personnel change anywhere in the process.

All of these are what make Tier II a great challenge, and a lot of fun when you get a ‘Win’!

Good Luck & Good Selling

>The MindOnMedia[Sales] Diagram for Tier II Autos:


~ by MindOnMediaSales on September 17, 2009.

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